Atolla, Coronate, Medusa. Origins of our name.

Ever wonder where the name Atolla Lighting comes from? We love our unique name and how memorable it is with our clients. Here is the story of how Atolla Lighting and our logo came to be.


Lurking deep in the waters of the ocean is the somewhat mysterious Atolla wyvillei jellyfish. This jellyfish disappears into the darkness of the deep blue sea due to its' red colour, which is particularly effective since scarcely any red reaches the deep, so most of the time this creature goes unobserved by other animals.

When confronted by the unwanted attention of a predator, this jellyfish uses bioluminescence to call for help when it is being threatened. It creates a series of flashing lights to try and grab the attention of other animals, hopefully a bigger one to save it from its attacker.

As the founders of an innovative new company who specialise in energy efficient lighting solutions, instinctively we relied on nature to inspire our business name. In a market already saturated by products, we felt a bit like a great red jellyfish that could easily go unnoticed deep in the dark depths of the sea... but if we were suddenly to glow a bright blue, wouldn't we really stand out!!

Atolla Lighting was born

Ready to shine and shimmer in the bleakness like an ostentatiously festive house.

Video shows amazing bioluminescence from the Atolla Jellyfish, its blue "police alarm" was the inspiration behind our branding.

Our branding and logo

Our branding reflects the origins of our company name, and the marine theme transcends across all of our product collections and products.


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